Who doesn’t like popcorn, right? But that’s not the only reason why you should choose our studio to work for your brand. Here’s an overview of our different services. We’d love to meet you to talk about your projects.
With popcorn. 




This is our core business. We started off as film makers 10 years ago.

When our studio began to grow, we decided to expand our services.Today we realize all kinds of video-productions:

Corporate films | Documentaries | TV & cinema adverts | Event reports | Live broadcasts | …


Einstein once said  « Creativity is intelligence having fun. »

PulsaRaw provides a wide range of high-quality photography:

Editorial | Advertising | Portraits | Architecture | Event reports | …

Don’t forget that photography is one of the most important elements of a successful campaign.


You eat with your eyes first!

Our team is specialized in taking mouth-watering food pictures that can be used for classical advertising, in your menus or cookery books. 

These tasteful pictures will help to increase your restaurant’s online presence and attract new clients. 


You don’t know how to use social media or you don’t have the time to be your own community manager ? No worries, Pulsa.connect your back by offering a broad range of digital marketing services, such as extensive market research, content creation and social media management.  

Who would have thought that connecting your business to an ecosystem would have been as easy as this ?  


Video killed the radio star, but not for us!

We create customized multi-language radio campaigns for the Greater Region of Luxembourg to make sure your message reaches the right audience. Don’t worry, we have learned from  best such by working with well known stations in the area such as Eldoradio, RTL or bigFM



What if we told you that you don’t need to risk your life to take beautiful landscapes.

We can offer you aerial filming & photography to capture the most stunning views.

Our drone pilots will assure you high-quality photos and film footage, all that taken from the above!

Start your journey right now!

We are waiting for you