A multimedia team dedicated to building relationships through collaborative idea execution and trusted quality.

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A 360° Communication Agency with an expertise on the local and international business for over 15 years for corporate communication and advertisement.

Branding strategy.

We make your brand shine, make it engaging and give it an important place, resonating with your audience.

Content creation.

We imagine the most original and most impactful way of communicating,

Deployment & Production.

We carry out all your projects in-house and deploy your campaigns on all the necessary media supports

Personalised project.

We devise powerful concepts with the aim of maximising the effectiveness of your campaigns and to ensure that you express yourself in a unique way.

Crossmedia Advertising.

We maximise the reach of your campaign by using different channels

Media planning.

We implement the best distribution channels from the latest media trends to reach your target audience directly and effectively

Team of Creatives

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Based in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, Pulsa Pictures is a creative studio specialized in audio-visual communication and e-marketing. Your business’ identity is what defines the path of your success.